Peepshow Clothing

Artist Bio

Peepshow Clothing came into my life in 2012 when working at 2nd Floor Food-Art-Drinks in Huntington Beach, CA. We received regular mens shaped t-shirts with Black Market Art on the front to wear on our shifts, given the permission to cut out the necks and sleeves, possibly tied them up in cute ways. That's when I realized my love and natural talent for cutting T-shirts which grew into all clothing and my full time business. 

I immediately got into the Rock and Metal music realm with my all time favorite thing to cut which are band merch tees. Redesigning them in into extravagant bodysuits, dresses, whatever I choose to do. I give my purest energy in to each band piece because I would listen to their music and feel their vibes. I would research bands I didn't know much about and get my head in to their personal styling that I can implement it to the artwork. It's a whole spiritual witchy creative process and it works every time. 

Currently 2020 I am located in Las Vegas. I would love to create and design more around the city. 

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